Statistically, the beard grows 1.25cm per month. Some of us must have stunted growth in our beard hair.

I have always wanted a bit of stubble, not much, just enough to make me look like I just stepped from the bush and seeking a place in civilisation. Unfortunately, the universe did not think it a good idea to bestow upon me this precious gift. I have had to contend with scanty facial hair, which is not funny when all your supposed friends stroke their thick facial manes. Even less funny when all the girls show a bias for them (or their beards, I dare say).

The Weird But Scented Concoction

All brands of beard oil have two things in common; carrier oils and essential oils. What are carrier oils? They are oils extracted from the fatty portions of plants. They are typical the oils from nuts, kernels, and seeds. On their own, they do not smell good at all. We are talking jojoba, coconut, argan, and a host of other oils.

As for the essential oils, they have sweet scents and they all bare girls’ names: lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and a host of others. They are typically from the aromatic botanical portions (leaves, bark, and roots).

What Will Beard Growth Oil Do For You?

What Will Beard Oil Do For You? (

Beard Oil Really Does Work With Beard Growth!

The notion that most men have of beard oil is that it gives your facial hair some shine. While that is true (and vain), it is not all. The most important thing that beard oil does is take care of the skin beneath it while nourishing the hair follicles. Healthy skin leads to bead growth. And beard growth oil really does work on beard growth!

What Oils Make Up Beard Oil?

Well, it all depends on the brand that you choose. One thing you can expect is that it will have a mixture of both these types of oil. If you are only getting started and you doubt the potency of beard oil, I would recommend these two personal favourites. Argan oil and Jojoba oil are my two favourites because they are one of the best beard growth oils and the improvements they give.

Best Beard Growth Oil

Here’s a small list of the beard growth oils I’ve used previously and are all natural so they should surely help your beard!

#1: Premium Beard & Mustache Conditioning Oil

Premium Beard Conditioning OilThe best beard growth oil naturally as to be made by Wild West Beards. Their beard growth oil contains jojoba oil which both encourages beard growth and also conditions your beard, and in the end makes your facial hair softer! It also contains Grape seed oil, Argan oil, Avocado oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, and Pure Essential oils.The ingredients in this beard oil also will make your beard shed less dandruff. If you want only the best beard growth oil, then get the premium beard conditioning oil, you will not regret your purchase.

This beard growth oil stops beard itch, stops beardruff and finally acts as a beard conditioner too! This is a super great beard growth oil because of its awesome improvement! This in my opinion makes it the best oil for beard growth! And remember its all natural!

  • This beard growth oil acts as a great beard conditioner and a beard growth oil
  • This oil stops that annoying beard itch and beardruff!
  • Contains many natural ingredients for your beard to grow quickly and luscious
  • A simple and easy oil for beard growth to apply.

Buy On A Discounted Price!

This is the best beard growth oils that you can currently buy in the beard market in our opinion and it will for sure show results!

Does Beard Growth Oil Work?

Does Beard Growth Oil Work?

The one million dollar question right now, does beard growth oil work? Yes, I can say confidently that it does. Do not look that bewildered, you cynic. I have been applying this concoction within the confines of my loyal bathroom for three months now. I can confidently say that I see results worth noting. Even the girls gave started noticing. One even stroked it and noted that it was ‘invitingly’ textured (I could say ‘smooth’ but I won’t). I am yet to let my crew in on my secret (I’m not ready to be the object of ridicule yet), but I like what I see.

How Long Till You See Results?

It will not happen overnight. You will probably want to let go of the habit, but the soft feel of your almost non-existent facial hair will probably keep you doing it. If you consistently apply this oil for a month, you should note a change in texture and volume, albeit not much. Two months into it and the volume should be significantly improved. If you are patient enough, you will reap the bearded benefits.


In the end question, does beard growth oil work. It does, and there are many beard growth oils out in today’s world that you are assured that anyone of the products you pick will work. Personally I would choose the Premium Beard & Mustache Conditioning Oil because it has the two main natural ingredients to start beard growth and is all natural!