When it comes to stimulating and provoking the growth of facial hair, specifically for beards, people often turn to the incredibly powerful coconut oil, which is said to be one of the greatest natural beard growth aids out there. As well as stimulating beard growth, coconut oil is also incredibly effective at moisturizing dry hair, which can often occur on a beard. Coconut oil for beard growth is something many people overlook, but really does work because of the natural benefits coconut oil contains. 

Coconut Oil For Beard GrowthUsing coconut oil for beard growth is somewhat of an industry secret that is used by thousands of hairdressers and beard owners around the world, however, not many people can actually explain why the oil is so good for beard growth. This is because not many think of it as a beard growth product at all but it actually is great for beard growth!


So Does Coconut Oil For Beard Growth Work?

  • One of the main ways that it works great for growing out your bushy beard is the fact that is massively boosts blood circulation around your face, which results in far more oxygen-rich blood carrying nutrients, and everything else needed for your hair to grow, directly to the hair follicles in your chin.
  • As well as boosting the circulation of your normal blood, it also contains various nutrients that are diffused into the blood stream, further helping the hair to grow. The oil contains a wide range of nutrients, like Iron and Vitamin E, not only helping your hair but also the rest of your body.
  • As I mentioned before, coconut oil is ideal for moisturizing dry hair, which helps to keep it protected from heat damage. Not only does this make it easier for your beard to flourish, but it also decreases the chance that any of your stubbly hair will break off, which is often a major setback during the beard-growing process.

Now that we know why exactly coconut oil is great for growing your beard and mustache, we should probably explain how you can actually use it. While there are a few different ways that you can do this, we’re going to be talking you through the easiest and, in my opinion, best way, which involves heating it up and rubbing it in.

  • Step one – Heating it up:

First and foremost you need to heat up three or four teaspoons of oil in a pan with warm water (This amount should vary depending on the length of your beard). You can also use the warm-ish water to wet your beard or mustache.

  • Step two – Rub it in:

Using just a bit of the oil, at first, begin to gently and consistently rub and work the oil into your hair, using the very tips of your fingertips to ensure that the oil gets right to the base of your hair and seeps into the roots.

That’s it! After a few days you should start to see really positive effects from utilising coconut oil’s beard-growing powers, which should help you to grow and even and consistent beard. It has to be said however that this isn’t the only oil that is effective at this and using amla oil for beard growth is also a great idea.

Coconut OilThere are many types of coconut oil but not all of them are useful for using on your hair or your skin. The types of oil you should take are the mostly natural variety which has a higher concentrate of vitamins to stimulate hair growth. Stay away from the overly processed, refined stuff because that will not provide you with the result you are looking for. Those are mainly used for health and beauty applications but not in this case. To make things easier we have included the five primary designations you are most likely to find on store shelves.

  • Refined Coconut Oil
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Fair Trade Coconut Oil
  • Fractionated

All which can be found on the wikipedia coconut oil document.

For growing your facial hair you ought to select natural “unrefined”, “virgin”, “raw“ or “cold pressed.” You are going to want to select this type of oil because it is largely unprocessed, organic, and it contains all the naturally occurring phytonutrients to provide adequate nutrition for your hair. It’s this boost in nourishment which feeds the follicles what they need in order to grow faster and stronger.


Coconut Oil For Beard Growth
To sum it all up, we learned that there ARE indeed many natural opportunities for beard growers out there. You are not limited in your scope of options — there are natural, organic, vegan as well as chemical solutions out there to massively stimulate hair growth. We simply try to present you guys with the facts because as fellow beardsmen — it’s the least we can do. We understand how important it is to be manly and rock your beard to it’s utmost potential.

For those of you who are interested  in growing our your beard, keep us updated with your progress and let us know if you need any recommendations for beard growth resources, stimulation, maintenance or styling tips. Also if you are interested in skyrocketing your beard growth to new heights check out our review on minoxidil to discover the heavy hitter in the hair growth space.

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