Every man who is truly dedicated to the intricate art involved in wet shaving will always tell you how important it is that you have the right accessories and the right tools to use. Of course, you would want it to be like how they used to do it the traditional way, and that is having a shaving brush stand where you can place your shaving brush and your razor on. For this purpose, you do need to find not less than the best shaving stand.

There are some reasons why you should be motivated to scour the market for the best shaving stand. But first things first, it will look so good when you add it to your bathroom. You can add it to the personal grooming products that you have in your en suite. It is even going to look good on top of your dressing table. It just looks so good and if you are shaving on the regular and you do wet shaving, you might as well have a dedicated accessory that will show how seriously you take this regimen.

Best Shaving Stands

There are so many shaving stands to choose from so we’ve summarised the top shaving stands into a list for you to choose from!

#1: Silver Stainless Steel Shaving Brush Razor Stand Holder

Silver Stainless Steel Shaving Brush Razor Stand Holder

This is a really good stainless steel holder for anyone wanting a shaving stand. The stand also comes with a bowl included! Yes, its not just a shaving stand but also comes with a bowl at no extra cost. And if you want to change the bowl, you can always change if you want to do so. The bowl is also specially designed acrylic, so it will take a long time to wear out.  The bowl also has a nice chrome finish and is perfect look and fit!

This shaving stand can also hold a razor, brush, and a bowl! All 3 at once without having to break the bank! This shaving stand is the least expensive of all the shaving stands listed and is really worth your money! And the perfect part is that you can use any shaving tools with the stand. Including shaving soaps, different brushes etc.

  • The cheapest shaving stand here with the best quality and features!
  • Comes with the shaving stand and a bowl.
  • The bowl that it comes with is sturdy and has a nice finish to it
  • It can last a long period of time, with all types of shaving soaps etc.

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#2: Orpheus Wooden Shave Stand for Razor and Brush

Orpheus Wooden Shave Stand for Razor and Brush

A great quality shaving brush with a perfect wooden finish. It will last a long time mainly because of the wooden walnut finish and its overall build quality. And don’t worry about the wooden finish because its water resistant! This shaving stand works with all types of razors (double edge safety razor holds , straight razors and cartridge razors). It quickly dries your shaving brush and razor quickly while maintaining your face after that perfect shave. You can also customise this shaving stand to you’re liking, and it will hold up because its very sturdy.

The look of this shaving stand is perfectly elegant. And can really be placed anywhere, heck you could even use it as a travel shaving stand because of how lightweight, it is and portable it is!

  • Great wooden finish to it and build quality.
  • Water resistant and won’t chip at all.
  • Works with all razors (3 types of sizes), shaving brushes etc.

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#3: Muehle Tortoise Shaving Stand

Muehle Tortoise Shaving Stand

This is a super great wooden inexpensive shaving brush holder. Compared to many other types of wooden shaving brush holders this is really a bargain with the amount of quality to price ratio you get. The whole stand is also water resistant which you should not forget is vital with a wooden stand! And this stand also fits all 21mm brush handles which is good for many shaving brush users as many use the 21mm handle.

Overall a great wooden stand which is really fine quality and super inexpensive compared to other wooden stands.

  • Really great wooden brush stand in terms of quality
  • Inexpensive wooden brush stand compared to other wooden ones
  • Water resistant wooden stand

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#4: Breeto Deluxe Chrome Safety Razor and Brush Stand

Breeto Deluxe Chrome Safety Razor and Brush Stand

This shaving stand is a simple shaving brush and razor holder. Put together in a simple way this stand is a durable and fine quality. With a nice chrome colour to keep away any stains or chips that may happen with other colors (brown, black etc.). Because of the simple shaving stand design, it is also very portable and can be used almost anywhere. This shaving stand is also compatible with  Holds up to a 24mm knot shaving brushes and 21mm handles, which means many of the big brand razors (Gillette, Schick etc.).

  • Simple inexpensive shaving stand with no hassle of assembling
  • Very portable and simple
  • Super durable and has good quality

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#5: Professional Acrylic Shaving Stand With Bowl/Mug

Professional Acrylic Shaving Stand With Bowl/Mug

A great simple shaving stand which is made of full plastic. Unlike most plastic types of plastic this plastic this is very good quality after many uses and will last a long time even compared to a wooden or metal stand. And as an extra it comes with a free shaving bowl! And the great thing is that you don’t need to pay extra, the bowl works great for mostly all shaving brushes and conveniently goes into the stand! And the bowl is also made of acrylic making it water resistant and won’t chip the black color.

  • Comes with a free bowl!
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • Made of acrylic so its water resistant

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Why Get A Shaving Brush Stand?

Aside from the fact that the shaving brush stand will look good when added to the rest of the things that you use for grooming, there are other practical benefits that you get out of it as well. For instance, the stand has a bowl which is placed there for a specific purpose- and that is to make lather. You will need to work up a lather out of your shaving cream before you can have it applied to your face, the bowl makes the perfect container for that, and since it is easy to wash, it makes it even more ideal.

You will need to find the best shaving stand too since every shaving brush needs to be dried off after use. The stand is designed in a way where you can get the brush attached to it where the bristles will be hanging down, this is a good way to ensure that any liquid or moisture trapped within the bristles are going to drip out and that the brush gets too dry off effectively.

When the brush is properly dried off every time it is used, it gets to have a longer lifespan. It is not going to be easily damaged by moisture, and the bristles will remain sturdy. They can even be prevented from falling out when the brush is properly maintained after every use. This is something that would be very necessary especially for those brushes that have handles that are made of wood- which can be quite quick at collecting moisture.


A well-accomplished man will always want to find ways- even very subtle ones- that will showcase his class in the ways of the world. One of the best ways to do so is to have such a shaving accessory at home. Everyone has to make sure that they get their faces clean shaven on the regular, if this is something that will have to be a regular ritual on their daily lives, might as well so it in style. Having a complete shaving kit is not going to be accomplished unless you have the best shaving stand. So you do need to find the right one.

If you are ready to look for the best shaving stand, it helps to know what you are looking for. Consider the type of razor you use and the type of shaving brush you have at home. It is always easier to pick one when you are getting a full kit, but if you already have a preferred razor and brush, exert effort in ensuring that you will get the stand that will suit your shaving accessories perfectly.