A shaving scuttle is a useful thing to have when you are using a safety razor to shave your facial hair. If you are unfamiliar with what a shaving scuttle is, it is basically like a shaving mug but with a separate compartment that you can use to store hot water in. So the use of a shaving scuttle allows you to keep your shaving lather nice and wire. This second compartment of hot water will insulate the shaving lather within the shaving mug, to come it from getting cold. So a shaving scuttle is much better at keeping your shaving lather warm when compared to shaving bowls or dishes.

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If you are looking for a shaving scuttle to buy, you have to look at several different things. Some of the factors you have to look at include the price, material, size, and design too. Different kinds of shaving scuttles that you can buy will have each of these different elements. You can read through this short list of shaving scuttles to get a better idea of where to start in order buy a nice shaving scuttle.

Best Shaving Scuttles

Here are the top picked scuttles for a well rounded man who wants to bring grooming to a clean and fresh level! The list of scuttles below are top quality and will last for a long time!

#1: Pottery G12 Shaving Scuttle Mug

Pottery G12 Shaving Scuttle MugNothing is more premium than this shaving scuttle. You get a lot of top quality craftsmanship if you choose to purchase the Georgetown Pottery G12 Shaving Scuttle. The scuttle comes in two colors usually, such as white and persimmon. And all of them look great too. With the Georgetown G12 Shaving Scuttle, you can be assured of high-quality craftsmanship. This is one of the more expensive shaving scuttles that you can buy, but the price is well worth it, especially with the great construction of this shaving scuttle.

This handmade shaving scuttle also comes with a metal cap that you can use to cover the nozzle of the hot water compartment. This will help prevent the hot water from leaking out when you are mixing your shaving lather. And the craftsmanship and quality of this shaving scuttle can even be seen on its metal cap. The metal cap is stamped with the logo of the company, which makes the shaving scuttle look very sophisticated.

  • Made of high quality materials and full of quality
  • Handmade scuttle, to fulfill the desire of top quality
  • Very sophisticated and is a really good scuttle to start with

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#2: Carter and Bond Shaving Scuttle

Carter and Bond Shaving ScuttleIf you need a shaving scuttle with a larger bowl on top, this is the shaving scuttle to get. This product features a very large cup that can hold a lot of shaving lather. This shaving scuttle also has a pretty large compartment for hot water, so your shaving lather will stay warmer for much longer.

One thing that you have to note about the design of this shaving scuttle is that while it may look quite odd because of the large cup at its top, it is quite a nice looking product because it looks like a teapot with a tea cup on top of it. Although that design choice may not be to everyone’s liking.

The large spout of this shaving scuttle also makes it easy to pour hot water into it. Overall, this is a convenient shaving scuttle to use because of its large openings and cups.

  • Large and spacious when holding your lather
  • Original teapot design
  • Great for an avid shaver or even professionally!

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All of these shaving scuttles can be bought at Wild West Beards. So you can conveniently get these from the comfort of your home. Each shaving scuttle above is made of pure quality and is top notch for a new shaver or even used professionally in a barber shop! Each scuttle is perfectly made, great for everyday uses and will last a long time! I personally had my scuttle last for three years! Just use the shaving scuttle normally everyday. You should see no breakage of cracks whatsoever, shaving scuttles last for a long time usually.

Shaving Scuttles can be a convenient option if you want to keep your shaving lather at a nice warm temperature. The second compartment for hot water is useful for keeping your shaving cream or gel at a nice liquid consistency. Using a shaving scuttle can make shaving in the mornings feel more comfortable and make your shave a much smoother experience too. So if you need something to mix your shaving lather in, you should purchase one of these shaving scuttles.