Let’s face it, we men love our beards because they are pretty much the manliest thing about us. What’s not manly, is the mess it leaves in the bathroom sink… When we should be chopping down a cherry tree or fighting off some bears from this morning’s catch of the day. We are elbow deep in lemon scented product trying tooth and nail to remove all the hairs we just styled. Fast forward to the 21st century and now we have invented what perhaps might be the best thing since sliced bread (for the bearded man)! Drum roll please… The Beard Bib! I know what you might be thinking to yourself “don’t babies wear bibs?”

Keeping It CleanNot this baby! This man bib does the manliest job you can ever imagine. Messiness prevention so you can avoid cleaning. That’s right. You heard me, thanks to this marvelous invention you will never ever have to clean up after yourself when you shave. And if you shave twice a day like me. It helps.

Mind you, I still have a full beard. And it’s because of this maintenance I came to review the beard shaving bib and see if it is really worth the coin.

The Good. The Bad.

Beard Bib

As you know we like to bring you all the very best and most current advancements in beard technology so you can be on the cutting edge of how to bring out your best beard. This piece of kit is no different. It serves a very particular purpose a bit different from some of our other grooming and growth products we showcase. This here is an accessory that means to not only keep your beard tidy but your life as well. Now shaving and grooming your beard can be a dedicated affair. No more need to bring out the broom and pan to clean up after yourself when you are done.

The one downside to the beard bib is that is can be a little unwieldy. You do need to set it up which just takes a few seconds. But like everything else that requires a bit of setup before use, you can be sure there will be smooth sailing after it’s properly set into place. For those who are a bit unsure as to whether or not they need this kind of prep before grooming. Let me remind you as you are growing your epic beard, things are going to get a little messy and as such, you should be prepared.

Whenever you go to a fancy seafood joint, the waiter kindly hands you a bib. Not because you are a baby but because you are a badass who can afford all the luxuries of life. Everyone knows that when they walk into that delicious restaurant — they NEED a bib because it’s going to get out of hand unless you do have it. If you have ever heard preparation is half the battle it is no different for facial hair.

How Good Is The Easy Shaving Bib?

So now that you have discovered the rationale behind another one of our Men’s shaving product showcase you are quickly realizing you may have a sparkly gem on your hands. You sir, are right! (Your girlfriend made me say that… She hates the stray hairs in the sink with a passion.)

Easy Shaving Bib

Easy Shaving BibThe whole kit is constructed out of a soft waterproof material, it’s clean and easy to dry. The handy design tucks away safely in a pouch designed to operate much like the kind you see at your local hair grooming shoppe. It wraps gingerly around your neck and the ends of the large bib have two suction cups which can then be attached to the mirror effectively catching all strays hair. Your girlfriend will thank you later.

  • Soft pongee material feels soft to the touch while easy to clean and dry
  • Revolutionary Design — Keeps your bathroom clean
  • Setup in Minutes with the supplied bib and suction cups
  • Attaches to mirror to create a hair safety net
  • No more stray hairs all over the sink and faucet
  • A comfortable shaving bib to catch all the hair trimmings
  • Keeps your girlfriend/wife off your ass
    • Size: 120x80cm
    • Material: Taffeta, Pongee
    • Available Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow

Buy On A Discounted Price!

How To Use The Beard Bib

It’s quite simple really. Using the bib will remind you of visiting the barbershop as a child. The first thing you did was get in the chair and then they would wrap you up in a black piece of cloth technically known as a bib, even though it’s huge! Obviously the reasoning behind doing this is that it catches all the stray strands of hair so you don’t have to catch them all over your face and clothes. Now that we have the concept down. Let’s get into the steps.

Step One:

Attaching To NeckPull the contents out of the pouch and proceed to attach the neck straps to the back of your neck. Then take the bottom ends of the bib by the suction cups to attach them both to the mirror you are facing in the bathroom.

Step Two:

Easy Shaving BibOnce you have the Easy Shaving System into place you are going to proceed with your normal grooming routine. Watch in amazement how all the hair follicles are somehow just magically drawn to the beard bib beneath it. Like a moth to a flame. What’s more if you care to look underneath the beard bib you will find a smooth hairless sink.

Note: If you need to step away for whatever reasons, simply remove the neck straps and hang them onto the suction hooks effectively keeping all the mess in it’s place for when you are ready to come back and finish your session.

Step Three:

Removing Beard TrimmingsOnce you are finished with beard maintenance. You are going to remove the neck straps and pinch them together with the ends of the bib (where the suction cups are). Then just make your way to the trash bin and dump your hair trimmings without making the slightest mess.


Finally it doesn’t matter if your significant other comes with a fine tooth comb and white gloves. We are certain there is no way they are going to catch any dirt on you this time. Things are looking up chums, be merry because this time after shaving you are simply going to take a look in the mirror laughing all the way to the bank. This is definitely a good buy for any beardsmen and shaver, and a revolutionary idea for us all! I love the beard bib!