Growing your beard hair takes a lot of time and patience, which frustrates many who are trying to grow one. I’ve been tempted many times to just give up and just shave the beard off. But with new treatments to speed the growth of facial hair, there is no use to wait. 

For most men this can be an uphill battle due to an unlucky roll of the dice and genetics predisposed to premature hair loss and poor beard growth. It’s true. There is, however, an answer to this problem and that answer is Minoxidil Beard solution. The dramatic before and after results speak for themselves. Online you can discover their journeys to success and learn how you can do the same. So, are you ready to become a Minoxidil user?

Minoxidil Beard Before And After Results:

    1. “Wanabeard” a user on jefffsbeardboard forum started a personal minoxidil experiment to grow his barely visible facial hair into a good sized beard. He applied minoxidil for 1 year and 4 months, and achieved the results he wanted only consuming 9 bottles along the way. He says after he got the beard into the correct size he wanted, he stopped applying minoxidil and it naturally grew!Minoxidil Beard Before And After Results
    2. BasikAli Coe decided to put together his beard growth documentation of using minoxidil into a video.



This medication was first developed to widen the potassium channels and widen the blood vessels for  sufferers of hypertension. Although it was soon discovered that the subjects using this topical ointment were reporting dramatic spurts in the growth of their hair. Today this key ingredient is being used in all of the top medications for hair stimulation and has been generating buzz for years now.

Promoting hair growth, strengthening hair follicles and eliminating useless baby hair for more desirable thick, luscious beard for rugged manly men.

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The main benefits       

Users of Minoxidil note the following benefits to using the hair growth remedy:

  • Safe FDA-approved beard growth product
  • No prescription required
  • Prevents further hair loss
  • Boosts blood flow to the region
  • Maximises follicle size while boosting growth
  • Results in as fast as 6 months

Science Backed Suggestions For Good Beard Growth:

Science Backed Suggestions For Good Beard GrowthBy no stretch of the imagination is Minoxidil some snake oil cream or ointment without scientific backing. Quite the contrary, behind it’s development is the the most cutting edge science Minoxidil has proved time and time again that men with the desire to enhance their beard can do so with the consistent use of this medication. No matter which phase of beard growth you find yourself in; Minoxidil has blazed a trail for you and beard lovers everywhere to grow thick rugged beards. There has literally been no man left behind.

There has been no stone left unturned when it comes to tips and tricks for the Minoxidil application. Boosting your beard has been a strong desire for many modern men; you are not alone. Remember to stop using anti-dandruff shampoo for cleaning beard-ruff on the whole. This is because during growth the beard in the delicate state and as long as it grows using Minoxidil.  You will get the best result when you start using the recommended beard wash suitable for your delicate facial hair. Also steer clear for bars of soap for cleaning your face and beard because soap bars also dry your skin.

Different types: 

There are 3 main types of Minoxidil you can consider for your own personal use:

  • Minoxidil Foam
  • Minoxidil Liquid
  • Minoxidil Spray

Overall, there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when you use this medication. As long as you follow the instruction to a “T.” Your results will be just fine. We are sure you will be satisfied with beard growth you gain.

Minoxidil Foam

Minoxidil Foam is the most recommended type of Minoxidil because it’s the most natural for many men. I think we can all agree most men are accustomed to applying shaving foam and it feels quite nice to the skin. Leaving a very agreeable sensation on the skin as well as a neutral manly aroma. It is for this reason in our report more than ½ of the men interviewed prefer this method of application to increase the density of their beards. Users have reported  the foam to be a very effective solution to the hair growth formula.

According to the instructions. They apply the foam to their skin twice a day and over time see results gradually. These users prefer and recommend the foam application because it is a familiar experience for them, it has proven to be fast and effective and even dries faster than the liquid original. If this goes in line with what you are looking for in terms of Minoxidil treatment we urge you to try the foam variation of Minoxidil.

Minoxidil Liquid

The liquid variation of Minoxidil is for men that prefer to use the original ointment like a medication, opting to build their build beard with a liquid and not a messy foam. Many men have used the original just fine; getting great results with no negative side effects. A small price to pay for liquid that gives you a new lease on life without compromising the budget. And overall quite simple to apply!

Minoxidil Spray

The spray form of the Minoxidil is recommended for everyone who expects the maximum convenience while using the beard growth product day after day. It’s simple to use and there isn’t really much hassle when applying the product! I personally apply it right after the shower because of its ease of use.


As you can see by the minoxidil beard before and after results, minoxidil does work wonders when growing your facial hair, and in my opinion one of the best products to do so. I would recommend minoxidil to anyone you know who is aspiring to grow a beard. If you keep being persistent with application, you will surely see results! Just by looking at the minoxidil beard before and after results you can see the marvellous job Minoxidil has done to so many including me!