If you love a luxurious shaving experience first thing in the morning, you should consider getting a shaving mug for yourself. Why should you get a shaving mug? There are a lot of good reasons for using one when you shave. A shaving mug can keep the shaving lather warm, so you do not have to put on cold shaving lather on your face. A shaving mug is also more convenient that a shaving bowl because you get a handle that you can hold the mug with. And if you plan on mixing your shaving lather in the morning, you will need a shaving mug to lather it in.

Shaving mugs can be used to mix the lather in from your shaving cream or soap. There are different kinds of shaving mugs that you can purchase, but most of them are quite the same in function, where they will differ in construction, cost and looks. So read through the five best shaving mugs to choose the one you can buy for yourself.

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 Best Shaving Mugs

Here are the perfect shaving mugs to keep you shaving at the top and best quality way! And a shaving mug is even better than a shaving bowl, and keeps things in check!

#1: Ceramic Shaving Shave Soap Mug Bowl

Ceramic Shaving Shave Soap Mug BowlIf you want a plain white looking shaving mug, then you cannot go wrong with this one. This white ceramic shaving mug also has a bowl handle that easily gives you a stable grip when you are mixing your shaving lather. This ball shaped mug handle will enable you to keep a strong grip when you are mixing your lather, so the chances of dropping this shaving mug are low!

And if you just want a plain white bowl on your shaving mug, to go with the whiteness of your bathroom, then this shaving mug will be perfect for you. It has not images, logos and other kinds of designs, just a pure plain white minimalist design.

Priced at a very moderate price, you will be hard-pressed to find a better-designed shaving mug being sold at such a great price.

  • A Ceramic Mug with an included Ball Grip
  • A nice and simple colour for shaving
  • A great addition to a shaving set already

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#2: Colonel Conk Model 129 Super Shave Mug

Colonel Conk Model 129 Super Shave MugThis shaving mug has cool designs on it. If you want to keep your shaving lather inside a mug that has some style, then you will want to use the Colonel Conk Model 129 Super Shave Mug. This shaving mug features beard shaving designs etched around the bottom of the mug and around its rim too.

This shaving mug also comes with excellent stonework which works by keeping the heat of your shaving lather inside the shaving mug. The high-quality stonework of the Colonel Conk Model 129 Shaving mug will aid in the heat retention of your shaving lather.

You also get a lot of value for your money because it comes with a free bar of shaving soap.

  • Comes with a Glycerine soap
  • Good and simple shaving mug for anyone
  • Soap comes with  Avocado oil & vitamin E

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#3: Georgetown Pottery G20 Shaving Scuttle Mug

Georgetown Pottery G20 Shaving Scuttle MugFor a real premium shaving mug, you may want to go with the G20 Shaving Scuttle Mug. Skilled potters handcraft this shaving mug, so you know you will be getting good craftsmanship with this shaving mug. And being priced at 65 dollars, you know that this shaving mug will be of good quality.

This shaving mug being of such high quality has a lot of heft and weight to it, because of the quality of the stone being used. This mug also features an extended lip along the rim of the mug; this is so that you can pour your shaving lather more easily.

  • The mug goes well warm and cold shaving lather
  • One of the most high quality shaving mugs out today
  • Favourite of many wet shavers

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#4: Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup

Men's Durable Shave Soap CupThis utilitarian shaving soap cup is one of the cheapest proper shaving cups. You get a lot of durability from this shaving cup too because it is made out of stainless steel. This shaving cup is great for men who just want a plain steel no-nonsense shaving cup.

If you just want a plan shaving cup that is cheap and will last a long time, you will not go wrong with AkStore’s shaving cup.

In my opinion one of the most inexpensive mugs I’ve EVER reviewed and it works very well with any type of shaving! If you are starting out with shaving and want to learn how to use shaving mugs this might be the best because of its inexpensive pricing and great quality!

  • Very inexpensive compared to other shaving mugs
  • One of the best shaving mugs because of its quality
  • Because of its high quality it is also very durable
  • Smooth and polished feel to the mug. While being comfortable and completely awesome to shave with.

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#5: Rubber Shaving Mug

Rubber Shaving MugThis mug is unique in that it is made of rubber. Being made of rubber, and not of stone or metal like the other shaving mugs on this list, this shaving mug will not break, crack or slip. So you do not have to worry about this shaving mug breaking if you accidentally drop it.

Rubber also means that this shaving mug is easy to wash because you can just toss it in the sink if you want to clean it. This shaving mug is also really reasonably priced too; you get a pretty durable, unique shaving mug at a good price.

A unique type of shaving mug now brought into the shaving world. It is easy to use and is complete rubber which makes it more durable even if you drop it. The shaving mug stops cracks, chips, scratch marks or even sliding marks over it. Washing the mug is easier than ever and you don’t need to worry about any stains at all because its on the rubber and will wash right off.

  • An inexpensive mug compared to other types of material mugs.
  • Stops any damage to it whatsoever because it is made of rubber
  • Super easy to wash the rubber surface

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 Final Thoughts:

Different kinds of men will prefer different kinds of shaving mugs. Some men will prefer heft and weight to their shaving mugs, while others may prefer it is light and easier to carry around. Whatever your preference for a shaving mug, you can find different varieties of shaving mugs on this list. Whatever kind of shaving mug you are looking for, whether it’s made of stainless steel or hand-crafted from clay, you can find a shaving mug on this list.

Aside from the practicalities of shaving mugs, some men also prefer other kinds of shaving mugs because of aesthetics. Some shaving mugs just look better than others, based on personal preferences over appearance. Some shaving mugs will have designs that feature vintage illustrations, while other shaving mugs will be plainer and have not designed and will simply be hand-crafted clay mugs. And there are even some shaving mugs that are just plain utilitarian, being only a simple metal mug. Whatever your preference for the looks of a shaving mug, you can find one because of the huge variety of shaving mugs that you can buy.

Overall, you should stick with your personal preferences when you are buying a shaving mug. Only you can decide which kind of shaving mug is perfect for you. The only real fact set in stone is if you want to have a better and more luxurious shave in the morning, you should get a shaving mug.