When you are using a hard bar of shaving soap to create your lather for shaving, you will need a shaving dish to mix your shaving soap with some hot water. Sure, you could use any old plate or cup to mix your shaving lather in, but it is better if you use a shaving dish that is specially made to be used shaving. There are a lot of shaving dishes that you can buy, but on this list, we will include only the better ones on the market.

Now a shaving dish is a necessity to any shaver out there who needs to mix their soap. And picking the right shaving dish to fit the criteria is a tough decision. There are many aspects you need to think about. Do you want it to be just simple or have different features? Or do you want to spend more? There are many different questions you should ask yourself when buying a shaving dish and in the end its all up to you! But we’ve made a list for you to help make up your mind quicker.

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Best Shaving Dishes

There are many different shaving dishes to choose from, each having its own qualities. Here is a list we’ve compiled that we think suites the best shaving dish!

#1: Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup

Men's Durable Shave Soap CupA shaving dish that is made of stainless steel and that has some basic design features. This shaving dish is a good option for those looking to buy their first shaving dish. Being made out of stainless steel, this durable shaving dish will last for a very long time. Another thing that makes this shaving dish great is the fact that the stainless steel will look good in any bathroom because of its utilitarian design.

The size of this shaving dish also makes it pretty comfortable to handle. In hand, it is quite easy to grip, and while the shaving lather was being mixed, it did not slip. There is also a special anti-skid design at the bottom of this shaving dish, which prevents it from skidding around on your bathroom counter-top. This shaving dish is a great choice for anyone who is just going to buy their beginner shaving dish.

  • Super inexpensive compared to other types of shaving dishes
  • Basic but full of quality when it comes to shaving
  • Polished and a very smooth feel to it.
  • Will last for a very long time because of its great quality/durability.

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#2: Shave Soap Bowl with Lid

Shave Soap Bowl with LidThis shaving soap dish is unique because it is made out of wood. If you want a more premium look to your shaving materials, nothing says premium like the dark wood being used on this shaving dish. This dish is made out of specially treated wood, so you do not have to worry about moisture affecting the appearance or durability of this wooden shaving dish.

This shaving dish also comes with a matching wooden lid, which allows you to store your shaving soap inside it when you are not using it. This shaving dish is the perfect size to hold a bar of shaving soap. Coupled with the lid, this shaving dish is one of a kind compared to many others.

  • A finished feel to it, polished and made of fine dark wood.
  • Has a lid compared to other shaving dishes.
  • Perfectly sized and great for any types of shaving soaps.

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#3: Buffalo Horn 3.5 Inch Palm Shave Bowl

Buffalo Horn 3.5 Inch Palm Shave BowlIf a wooden shaving dish is not enough of an exotic material for your shaving dish, you should get this one made out of buffalo horn. This gorgeous shaving dish is made out of natural buffalo’s horn, so there is no another shaving dish quite like it. The buffalo horn has a beautiful pattern on it, and the colors of this shaving dish are all natural. And no two buffalo horn shaving dishes will be alike because they are handmade. When you buy this shaving dish, you are truly getting a unique one of a kind product.

This beautifully crafted handmade shaving dish also has some pretty functional features too. The flat bottom of this shaving dish makes it more stable and prevents it from wobbling or moving around when you mix your shaving lather up. And being sized at 3.5 inches makes it a perfect fit for most hands, which means that mixing up a lather using one hand is quite comfortable.

You should get this shaving dish if you want a unique and beautiful looking one.

  • Beautifully made and with great design
  • Handcrafted and made with the finest materials
  • Very comfortable and has a premium feel and finish to it

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#4: Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid

Stainless Steel Shaving BowlAnother stainless steel shaving dish, this time made by Schöne. This shaving dish is very durable thanks to its stainless steel material construction. You should get this shaving dish if you want a no-frills shaving dish that you can mix your shaving soap in. Another great feature of this shaving dish is the fact that is has a metal lid. This lid can cover up the shaving dish when you are not using it. This means that you can use this shaving dish to store your shaving soap and mix up later too.

If you need a hardy shaving dish, then this is the one to get. The stainless steel of this shaving dish will not rust or corrode, and it will not ding or bend when you drop it. This shaving dish is quite durable, and you will be hard pressed to find another shaving dish that is sturdier than this one sold by Schöne.

  • Simple and a clean attractive shaving dish!
  • Comes with an awesome lid compared to other shaving dishes.
  • Great fathers day gift!

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#5: Deluxe Chrome Shaving Bowl

Deluxe Chrome Shaving BowlThis premium looking and feeling shaving dish is made out of high-quality chrome material. This chrome material is both good looking and durable, so you get the best of both worlds when it comes to form and functionality.

Nothing shines brighter than the chrome used on this shaving dish. You will be happy to note that this shaving dish will not lose its lustre after repeated use.

Another great thing that this shaving dish offers is the fact that it rests on a pedestal bottom. This makes the shaving dish stable. It also makes the shaving dish look Deluxe, because of the raised features of the pedestal bottom. You should get this shaving dish if you want a nice looking and premium feeling one.

  • Well constructed for its price
  • Great quality and good durability
  • Great bowl to create shave lather

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A additional feature of shaving dishes, aside from the fact that you can mix your shaving lather inside of it, is the fact that you can store your shaving soap in it when you are not using it. So by using a shaving dish, you get the convenience of having a container where you can keep your shaving soap and mix up a lather when you need it.

There are a lot of shaving dishes that you can buy right now. But all of these shaving dishes listed in this article are some of the best you can buy right now. So if you have decided on a shaving dish, you should buy it right away, to make your morning shaves much more pleasant.