A good beard can make any man look like a real man. Nothing looks better on a guy’s face than a full beard. A beard can make you look more mature, experienced, respectable, and even more attractive. Many people have stated their preferences for men with beards. There are a lot of reasons to grow a beard. After all, a beard on a guy is a classic look that cannot be beaten. If you want to look swell really, then you may want to consider growing a beard for yourself. Beard growth supplements allow you to achieve the status of a bearded man.

Beard Growth VitaminsBut not everyone can grow a beard, or at least not every can grow it as fast or as evenly. Some people, struggling to grow a full beard because their hair simply does not grow fast enough to grow a beard in time. If you are planning to grow a beard this no shave November, you may want to consider using a beard growing supplement. A beard growth supplement can make the hair on your face grow faster and look better too. But there are a lot of beard growing supplements being sold on the market right now. That is why this article could be helpful to you, because, through the information on this post, you will learn about the different kinds of beard growth supplements. There are different kinds of beard growth supplements, such as oral supplements and oils you slather on your beard, and this article will cover both of those types of supplements.

Smooth Viking Vitamin Supplement
  • Smooth Viking Vitamin Supplement
  • Vitamin
  • Allows for thickness
  • Addition of hair and scalp growth as well!
  • $35
Beard Growth XL
  • Beard Grow XL Vitamins
  • Vitamin
  • Easy Of Use
  • Conditions The Beard As Well
  • $79.99
  • VitaBeard Facial Hair Growth Multivitamin
  • Vitamin
  • Targeted towards vitamin lovers.
  • Perfect sized bottle
  • $40
Beard Growth Supplement with Vitamins
  • Beard Growth Supplement
  • Vitamin
  • Fights and stops patchy spots in your beard
  • Promotes and allows your skin to feel open and healthy
  • Allows for more thickness
  • $40

Best Beard Growth Vitamins

Here are some of the top beard growth supplements to quicken the growth of yours beards, one supplement at a time! Some of the products are the same from our Best Beard Growth Products article which highlighted the best beard growth products.

#1: Smooth Viking Vitamin Supplement

Smooth Viking Vitamin SupplementThe Smooth Viking Supplement is a mix of different items. Biotin, Vitamin C, A etc. The many different items create the supplement. The remarkable fact about this product is that it not only supports the beard but also the hair. And not only does it strengthen the beard connections but also a scalp stimulant to revitalise growth in the hair.

The bottle itself can last long periods of time, usually around 30 days and then you may have to restock. The bottle includes 5000 mcg of Biotin and prevents hair loss. Also providing shining looks for your hair and more hair fibres to strengthen up roots. The positive aspects of this supplement allow it to be the most liked, and showing the best results for the many who have tried it.

  • Allows for long periods of use without having to restock (30 days or more)
  • Has many vital Vitamins (A, C etc.)
  • Provides an added benefit of hair growth and nourishment for your scalp.
  • Biotin for hair growth and protection
  • Keeps beard hair thick and in perfect condition

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#2: Beard Grow XL Vitamins:

Beard Growth XLFavorited by many for its many vitamins and blend of different ingredients to kick start beard growth. The pills are very easy to take and have a blend of ingredients, each for different parts of beard growth. The beard growth in this supplement is one of the best because of its targeted thickness towards beard only and conditions the beard while doing so providing a 2 in 1  benefit towards users. One of the most perfect supplements for many with patchy beards because of its simple solution it resolves the patchy solution and leaves the beard in a nice and clean format.

  • Simple and easy use of the supplement
  • Targeted towards only beard growth and full revitalization including thickness, strength, growth etc.

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#3: VitaBeard Facial Hair Growth Multivitamin

VitaBeardThis product claims to be the original beard growth multivitamin supplement or beard growth supplements, and judging by the many positive reviews left by other customers; this claim seems to be backed up by a lot of people. The VitaBeard Facial Hair Grow Multivitamin supplement is packed full of vitamins and uses non-GMO products, so you can be reassured that everything is all-natural and good for your body. If you are worried about GMO products that could be potentially damaging to your overall health, you should use GMO-free vitamin supplement products like the VitaBeard.

The vitamins packed with this supplement will make the rest of your body healthy too, and not only your facial hair growth will be affected, but you will also find that your head hair will grow faster and thicker too.

  • Targeted towards vitamins and is most preferred if you only prefer vitamins
  • Perfect sized and adequately priced for the offering.
  • Growth is exceptional compared to other beard growth vitamins.

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#4: Beard Growth Supplement with Vitamins

Beard Growth Supplement with VitaminsReborn Labs has promised a fuller, longer and thicker beard growth when you take their oral beard growth supplements with vitamins. This beard growth supplement tablet is great if you want a lot of value for your money. Not only do you get 60 capsules of supplements that promote beard growth, but you also get vitamins in those supplement capsules too. So you get two things when you buy this beard growth supplement. One of the multivitamins that are packed with this supplement is biotin, which encourages hair growth and healthy skin. If you have ever had trouble with patchy hair or dry skin, you can benefit from taking this supplement.

This supplement will not only promote your beard growth. But it also promises to improve your overall health thanks to its multivitamins. You will not only get a more luscious beard, but you get fuller and thicker hair on your head if you take this supplement. And taking this supplement is super easy, all you have to do is to remember to take it with meals twice a day. So one bottle of these beard growth supplements will last you for an entire month.

  • Promotes thicker beard growth for your beard hair
  • Allows for skin to be clean and nourished
  • Allowing healthy beard growth and stopping patchy spots to appear on your beard

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#5: Beard Bolt XL

Beard Bolt XLThe Beard Bolt XL is a beard growth stimulation balm that you rub directly into your beard. This beard growth balm works like a leave-in conditioner, in that, after you have showered and washed your face, you apply this leave-in conditioner into your beard, just like you would to your hair. The Beard Bolt XL works by nourishing the hair follicles in your bed to stimulate growth, which makes your facial hair both grow faster and thicker. The Beard Bolt XL is packed with numerous essential oils that are both great for hair and skin, so these essential oils will leave your facial hair and skin feeling soft and clean.

The smell of this beard growth balm is also really good. So when you leave it on your facial hair, your beard will end up smelling great. If you want your face to smell good, and make your beard grow faster, you should give the Beard Bolt XL a try.

  • An easy balm solution and can be used as an alternative to rather using normal beard balm
  • Simple yet unique ingredients to increase beard growth
  • Great conditioner for your beard hair
  • Keeps beard hair thick and top fresh

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#6: Beard Fuel XL

Beard Fuel XLThis purely organic and all natural beard growth formula is very popular with many customers, who are looking for a beard growth supplement. The Beard Fuel XL promises to promote thicker and longer beard growth when applied to your facial hair.

A bottle of Beard Fuel XL is great value because you only need one drop of the oil to spread it around your beard. So a single bottle should last you a few months. And you can expect results in those three months. Within months of use of this beard growth oil, you can expect dark, softer and longer facial hair.

A small and simple solution to a large problem in beard growth, it’s a simple dropper to aide people who don’t want to use pills or balms.

  • Simple use, a dropper which makes it easy
  • Works well to increase growth and fast acting
  • Fragrance Free

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Beard SupplementsIf you have ever had trouble growing a full beard, you may want to use some of these supplements. Beard growth vitamins main purpose is to have it grow faster, and in the long run make you look fresh and up on edge. You do not want a dry looking beard on your face. You should seriously consider using a beard growth supplement if you want that beard you are growing to look good on your face. If you use a beard growth supplement, you can make your beard look both awesome, and you get a full beard faster too. So what are you waiting for? Shop for some of these beard growth supplements now, and use them to grow your beard. You will look like a real man when you have finished growing a full beard on your face. Just remember to proceed with caution when using beard supplements! Beard ON!