Bay rum aftershave, one of the finer scents in all aftershaves. Allowing a man feel more manly while keeping him fresh and clean. Bay rum aftershaves are very pleasant in smell and are favoured by many. I personally love bay rum, especially applying it daily. But not only the scent is what I love but that it keeps my skin healthy and nourished and stops it from drying. 

There are many unique bay rum scents out to this day and many to choose from. Some are spicy and some are more subtle, it really depends what you really want. But there are blends in between, we’ve gone through many bay rum aftershaves to find the best bay rum aftershave to suit any man.

Benefits Of Bay Rum Aftershave

Best Bay Rum Aftershave is made using the oils derived from the leaves of the Bay Rum Tree. Bay Rum oil is the most common ingredient in the health and beauty niche thanks to its attractive scent and powerful healing abilities. Bay Rum is a classic men’s fragrance and is commonly found in men’s hair products. The oils is commonly recognised for its ability to stimulate healthy hair growth. Making it one of the best ingredients for aftershave and other men’s hair products. The traditional Bay Rum formula for promoting healthy hair growth included rum oil, ammonia, glycerine, and rainwater. The formula has since been adapted to not include ammonia due to its toxicity.

The Bay Rum oil blends wonderfully with other essential oils, such as eucalyptus, to
enhance the effect of both oils and create a new, unique aroma. These oils, along with many others, are commonly mixed and combined for their health benefits and natural smells. There are countless oil and spice combinations that create a wonderful aftershave for moisturizing and protecting the skin, but our favorite is the Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for Men due to its wonderful aroma and feeling of crispness after application.

Best Bay Rum Aftershave

There are many Bay Rum aftershaves to choose from but I decided to summarise it all in one product to save you the time! The product itself has everything an aftershave should have and even additional benefits.

Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for Men

Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for MenThis wonderful bay rum aftershave uses all-natural ingredients and no synthetic
chemicals for a safe, moisturising, and manly-smelling aftershave that makes the ladies swoon. This aftershave is handcrafted, filtered, and aged for the perfect product every time. The ingredients used, the most important aspect of an aftershave, contain no synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, or artificial smells. The wonderful bay rum aftershave scent comes from the natural blend of essential oils, citrus, bay leaves from the West Indian Islands, and exotic spices.

All of the ingredients are GMO free, parafen free, and vegan. Thanks to the all-natural, gentle ingredients in this aftershave, it will not leave your skin dry like similar alcohol based aftershaves do. When using the product, the crisp aroma and burn experienced after applying the aftershave will leave you wide-awake and ready for the day ahead of you with newly awakened senses and a long-lasting, subtle scent designed to impress.

  • Aftershave contains all natural ingredients and premium ingredients
  • Leaves your skin fresh and stops it from drying up
  • Contains different oils to nourish and keep your skin healthy

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The Importance ff Using After Shave and How To Use It

A quality aftershave soothes and repairs irritated or damaged skin after shaving. Without using aftershave, your skin is likely to be red and feel tight or irritated leading to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Yuck! Repeated irritation of the skin has been proven to cause skin to age quicker causing uneven coloration and sagging of the skin. The natural moisture lost during a shave is replenished using a quality aftershave, like our best Bay Rum aftershave, to ensure protection from razor bumps. Ingrown hair, and irritation of the skin. We prefer and recommend using Bay Rum aftershave due to its ability to promote and stimulate healthy facial hair growth.

How To Apply Aftershave

Before you can decide how to best apply your aftershave, you should find out what type of skin you have. The general method of applying aftershave is as follows. Ensure that your hands and face are moist but not dripping. This will allow you to use less product and apply it more evenly. Place a few drops of our best Bay Rum aftershave to the palm of your hand and rub them together briefly. Continue by massaging the aftershave into your face and neck area. When using multiple products be sure to apply them in order from thinnest to thickest for the optimal results. It is self explanatory but usually there will also be instructions on the back of the aftershave box or bottle to simplify things for you.


Finding the best bay rum aftershave is all your choice. It comes down to the type of aftershave you want and the scent. Bay rum itself has a large category of aftershaves to choose from. In the end, its all up to you, to pick which aftershave you want and like. Just remember a few tips when finding the best bay rum aftershave. Read the ingredients and what the aftershave has to offer in the end. Just know, all aftershaves have the same purpose the only things setting a difference between each is the scent. Everything else is alike, in the end. It is just an aftershave.